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    Perryville Battlefield
    Paranormal Tours & Investigations

    SHOCK Paranormal is proud to be the contact point for all things paranormal with Perryville Battlefield. In the coming months, we will be offering exclusive opportunities to investigate the battlefield and some of the surrounding homes and areas. We’ll offer scheduled tours for those curious about the unusual activity that has been witnessed by many at the battlefield. We’ll also offer more intimate investigation opportunities for those seasoned investigators and their teams.

    Saturday, June 18, 2016. 8:00PM

    Saturday, July 30, 2016. 8:00PM

    Saturday, September 10, 2016. 8:00PM



    • Battlefield: As described by the Civil War Trust “The largest military engagement in the strategically pivotal border state of Kentucky, the Battle of Perryville ensured that the region remained solidly in Northern control for the remainder of the war…. At the close of the day’s fighting, the two armies left more than 7,400 dead and wounded on the field.”
    • Dye House & Grounds: Approx. 120 acres. Confederate General Simon Bolivar Buckner’s headquarters during the Battle of Perryville. Used as field hospital after the battle
    • Russell House Site: This site was once the location for the John C. Russell house. This area saw a lot of action during the battle of Perryville. After the battle was over, it was used as a field hospital. Union surgeons quickly converted most nearby structures into makeshift hospitals. Doctor J. G. Hatchitt visited the Russell House almost immediately after the fight. “I found about 150 wounded,” he wrote, “most of them lying on the ground in the yard, and (few surgeons) … They had labored all night as best they could. No supplies having reached this hospital, they were compelled to amputate without chloroform.”
      Hatchitt also discovered that a recent drought compounded sanitation problems. “Some surgeons told me that they could not get water enough to wash the blood from their hands for two days,” he wrote.
      Russell’s house was a hospital for 17 days. One witness remarked that it was “a hospital and everything about it used and destroyed.”
      Home of John C. Russell that once stood on this site 

    The following park rules apply to those attending the SHOCK tours and overnight investigations.

    Park User Rules, Restrictions and Regulations

    • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
    • Littering is prohibited. Place all garbage in cans provided throughout the park.
    • Park only in designated parking areas. Driving is only allowed on paved areas. Do not drive on trails.
    • Injuring or removing plants is prohibited.
    • Injuring or removing wildlife is prohibited.
    • Defacing park property is prohibited.
    • Dogs running at large are prohibited.
    • Building fires is restricted to existing park grills.
    • Using wood from the park for fires is prohibited.
    • Use of motorcycles, three or four wheelers or any off road vehicles is restricted to park paved roads and with a licensed driver.
    • Discharge of firearms is prohibited.
    • Use of fireworks is prohibited.
    • Access is limited to only the park grounds and does not entitle anyone to access any building, structure, or any other areas of the park that are restricted to the public for safety and security reasons with the exception of the above stated locations when accompanied by a member of SHOCK.
    • NO COMMERCIAL FILMING OR STILL PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed without prior contractual agreement.
    • No removal of property from park or Dye House.

     To inquire about private tours/investigations, send requests to